The Journey of a delicious gourmet carrot

“Welcome to an extraordinary journey that takes a humble carrot from the rich, organic soil of our farms to the gleaming silver plates of a classy restaurant.
At Food Service Systems, every stage of this journey is steeped in meticulous attention to detail, rigorous quality testing, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards of food safety, quality, and sustainability.
Join us as we uncover the story behind each delicious bite – a tale of dedication, innovation, and passion – the story of bringing nature’s bounty from our fields to your table.

Birth on a Farm

Our journey begins in the lush, fertile fields of our farms. Each carrot seed is hand-sown, given the space to grow, the sunlight to flourish, and the nutrients to thrive. Our farmers, passionate stewards of the land, ensure that the soil is enriched with organic matter and is free from harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This sustainable farming practice respects the environment and promotes biodiversity, laying the foundation for the growth of healthy, nutrient-rich carrots.

Nurturing and Harvesting

As the carrots mature, they are carefully monitored to ensure optimal growth. Our farmers employ sustainable irrigation techniques, conserving water while providing the carrots with the essential moisture they need.
Once matured, each carrot is hand-harvested at the peak of its nutritional value and flavor, ensuring only the best make it to the next stage.

harvesting an organic carrot for quick freezing

Quality Check and Sorting

Post-harvest, our carrots undergo a stringent quality check. Each carrot is examined for its color, size, shape, and any visible defects. Only those meeting our exacting standards continue on their journey. But, our testing doesn’t stop there.
Samples are regularly sent to our laboratory, where they undergo rigorous microbial testing to ensure they’re free from harmful bacteria, guaranteeing the safety and health of our consumers.

carrots ready for quick freezing

Washing, Cutting, and Further Testing

The selected carrots are then thoroughly washed in clean, filtered water to remove any remaining soil. Post washing, they are expertly cut and prepared for the next stage. At this point, further microbiological testing is conducted to ensure the complete safety of our products, preventing any possibility of cross-contamination.

Flash Freezing

Our carefully prepared and tested carrots then undergo flash freezing. This rapid freezing process locks in the nutrients, texture, and flavor, ensuring our carrots retain their fresh-picked quality. Unlike slow freezing processes that can lead to nutrient loss and texture changes, flash freezing ensures that our carrots deliver the highest nutritional value.

Packaging, Storage, and More Testing

Once frozen, the carrots are packaged in environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials that maintain their quality and freshness. Every package is carefully sealed to prevent any contamination or damage. To confirm our packaging’s integrity, random samples are taken for additional testing, checking for any signs of microbial growth or compromise.


Our safely packaged, frozen carrots are then loaded onto refrigerated trucks, which maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring their quality during transport.

Our efficient distribution network delivers these products to our different markets including restaurants, clubs & retailers, military meal providers, chain accounts, correction facilities, hospitals and even school lunch programs across the country, keeping our farm-fresh, nutritious carrots within reach.

The Final Destination: Your Plate

At the restaurant, our carrots finally meet their destiny. Expert chefs turn our quality-assured, safety-tested carrots into culinary delights, delivering a sensory experience that is as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye. Whether it’s a simple, comforting soup or a sophisticated, gourmet dish, our carrots bring a touch of nature’s goodness to every plate.

Celebrate the extraordinary journey of our carrots with us – a journey marked by passion, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of quality and safety.

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