The Food Service Systems Difference

Established in 1991, Food Service Systems (FSS) embarked on an ambitious mission to revolutionize supply chain solutions in the food industry. Now, more than three decades later, the company stands as a testament to what innovation, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence, can achieve.

FSS works closely with food processing partners

An Evolving Legacy

FSS has always strived to remain at the forefront of the industry, working diligently with retail, industrial, club stores, national accounts, and foodservice customers. This commitment ensures that these entities can navigate the complexities of their supply chains with ease. With each passing year, we continues to push our boundaries further, offering an expansive product range that caters to the dynamic purchasing needs of our customers. This vast array of options is made possible through the robust backing of our parent companies, Superior Foods and Inn Foods, as well as a multitude of manufacturers who trust FSS to be their “sales force” in the marketplace.

The FSS Advantage

From meticulous forecasting to adept inventory management, and from rigorous quality control to efficient procurement – FSS is a one-stop solution. But beyond these services, it’s our company’s unique understanding of the food industry that makes us stand out.

The Fresh vs Frozen Debate

🥦 Frozen Foods:
✅ Harvested at peak ripeness: Higher nutrients
✅ Maintains nutrients for months
✅ Economical & safe preparation

🍅 Fresh Foods:
❗ Harvested earlier: Lower nutrients
❗ Nutrient loss starts in 3 days
❗ Less yield due to trim & spoilage

It’s evident that frozen foods, with their prolonged nutrient retention and economic benefits, present an enticing proposition. Besides, with fresh produce yielding less than 50% post-trim and spoilage, the financial implications are amplified.


are fresh vegetables better than frozen?

A Global Perspective with Certifications

Globally recognized certifications such as FSMA, including Kosher and bioengineered audits, accentuate our company’s dedication to quality and transparency. This commitment is further echoed through FSS’s extensive distribution points spanning from the West Coast locations like Chehalis, Pasko, and Mira Loma, to Midwest hubs like Dallas and Harlingen, and possibly extending to the Southeast with Atlanta.

Our global sourcing strategy, collaborating with suppliers from South America to China, highlights its efforts to diversify and ensure the best for our customers.

Serving a Spectrum of Segments

The multifaceted approach of FSS is evident in our diverse business segments. From food service and industrial sectors to schools and retail/club stores, the company has made its mark across various domains. Our expertise extends to category management facets such as sourcing, packing private labels, co-packing, inventory management, and logistics.

Globally recognized certifications such as FSMA, including Kosher and bioengineered audits
A global perspective on fruit and vegetable supply

Strength in Diversity

FSS’s long-standing position of leadership in the foodservice segment is underpinned by several strengths:

  • A global perspective on fruit and vegetable supply, sourcing, and manufacturing.
  • An unblemished reputation in the US marketplace, with influential parent companies active across Europe, Latin America, and Asia.
  • A sales-driven approach that allows processors to boost sales without the overheads of a traditional sales department.
  • The ability to offer customer-driven customization, testament to their adaptive and responsive nature.

In Conclusion
Food Service Systems, with the might of Superior Foods and Inn Foods behind it, is not just a company; it’s a phenomenon in the food industry. Through our innovative solutions and global perspective, FSS ensures that our partners are always one step ahead, equipped to meet the ever-evolving challenges of the food sector.

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