Supply chain protection

As an industry player, at Food Service Systems, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a robust and secure supply chain. Given the global nature of food supply, the challenges associated with sourcing, processing, and distribution have never been more pronounced. For the company, protecting this supply chain ensures our product quality, sustainability, and profitability.

Food Service Systems sources produce from a variety of international locations

Global Sourcing and Processing

Food Service Systems has expanded its reach, sourcing produce from a variety of international locations, including Mexico, South America, Turkey, Egypt, China, and the United States. This diversity in sourcing helps ensure that the supply remains consistent even when a particular region faces challenges.

All the produce sourced undergoes processing in nearby plants which adhere strictly to United States standards. This approach guarantees that regardless of the geographical source, the end products meet the highest criteria for safety and quality.

US Distribution Hubs

To efficiently distribute the processed products within the US, Food Service Systems has established several distribution hubs:

West Coast:

Mira Loma





These hubs have been strategically chosen to ensure timely delivery of products across the nation. They serve as key points in the supply chain, helping bridge the gap between international suppliers and local distributors or retailers.

 Food Service Systems has established several US distribution hubs
Supply Chain Protection Strategies

Supply Chain Protection Strategies

  1. Quality Control and Certification: All processing plants are certified to US standards, ensuring consistent product quality regardless of the origin.

  2. Diversified Sourcing: By sourcing from multiple regions, Food Service Systems safeguards against potential disruptions in one particular area.

  3. Strategic Distribution: The company’s strategic placement of distribution hubs ensures that products reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

  4. Continuous Monitoring: Advanced monitoring systems track produce from farm to fork, guaranteeing traceability and rapid response to any potential issues.

  5. Partner Collaboration: Collaborative strategies with farmers and suppliers ensure the ethical and sustainable procurement of raw materials.

For Food Service Systems, the protection of our supply chain is paramount. Through diversified sourcing, rigorous processing standards, and a strategically placed distribution network, the company ensures the consistent delivery of high-quality products to our customers. As the industry evolves, so will the company’s strategies, always with an eye on sustainability, efficiency, and the highest quality standards.

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