New Report: Freezing Combats Food Waste

Almost 40% of food wasted

With the shocking statistic that nearly 40% of all food in the United States goes uneaten, the issue of food waste is gaining paramount importance for conscientious consumers. Recent insights from two influential studies shed light on the pivotal role frozen foods play in helping households reduce their food waste.

Research from the prestigious Cornell University Dyson School of Business, along with findings from the market research giant 210 Analytics, offer valuable perspectives on the reduced waste associated with frozen foods. Both studies provide compelling evidence on how consumers are strategically leveraging frozen options to curb food wastage.

“We’ve always believed that freezing is a natural preservation technique, and these studies further corroborate our stance,” commented a Food Service Systemsrepresentative. “Think of freezing as nature’s own ‘pause button’ — it ensures longevity and freshness. From succulent frozen fruits and vegetables to pre-measured meal portions, frozen foods have become the cornerstone of modern, sustainable meal planning.

Frozen foods are the answer

The Cornell University literature review delved deep into the wastage rates of frozen foods, comparing them with their fresh alternatives across retailers and homes. The findings were unequivocal: frozen foods consistently outperformed in terms of reduced waste. Especially amongst fruits and vegetables, frozen varieties demonstrated a substantially lower likelihood of being discarded than fresh ones.

Consumers are increasingly turning to frozen foods

Excess spoilage from refridgerated foods

It’s not uncommon to find refrigerated foods being thrown out due to concerns over spoilage or simply because they exceed the needed amount. Freezing addresses this issue head-on by not only enhancing the shelf life but also by offering families the luxury to cook just what they require.

Further reinforcing this viewpoint was the survey from 210 Analytics. After gauging the views of over 1,500 US consumers, a resounding 83% agreed on the efficacy of frozen foods in mitigating household food wastage. The convenience of cooking precise portions was underscored by 79% of respondents, while an overwhelming majority also appreciated the added meal flexibility granted by frozen foods. The risk of spoilage, which often accompanies fresh ingredients, was virtually eliminated.

The ramifications of food waste extend beyond just the environment. The economic impact is felt deeply, especially in households benefiting from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). An overwhelming 86% of such households acknowledged the financial strain of wasted food, appreciating the value proposition of frozen ingredients. The ability to utilize food progressively over time becomes a tangible economic benefit.

“Mitigating food waste is not just an environmental imperative but also an economic one,” Food Service Systems added. “The flexibility afforded by freezing allows consumers to adapt to unexpected changes in meal plans without the concern of spoilage. Evidently, if you’re aiming to reduce food waste, the freezer emerges as an invaluable ally.”

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