From an American farm to a majestic meal

Embark on an enchanting journey that traces the life of a radiant cob of corn from the sun-kissed fields of the US to the opulent settings of a modern restaurant. At Food Service Systems, every twist and turn of this odyssey signifies an unwavering dedication to impeccable quality, unyielding safety measures, and a sustainable partnership with Mother Earth. Join us, as we reveal the narrative behind each savory bite – a chronicle of diligence, pioneering techniques, and ardor – the tale of transporting nature’s treasure from our meadows to your meal.

Emergence in Mexican Fields

 Our saga initiates in the expansive, nutrient-rich terrains of our Mexican farms. Every corn seed is diligently placed, granted room to shoot up, ample sunlight to blossom, and essential nutrients to prosper. Our agronomists, the very heart of our endeavor, ensure that the terrain is teeming with organic components and detrimental pesticides or artificial substances are kept to a minimum. Through these eco-conscious agricultural methods, we not only reverence our surroundings but also ensure the cultivation of wholesome, nutrient-dense corn cobs.

Cultivation and Collection

As the cobs swell with golden kernels, constant supervision guarantees their peak condition. Sustainable watering methods, inspired by age-old traditions and innovative science, provide our corn with essential hydration without wastage. When the moment is just right, each cob is promptly plucked, ensuring its zenith of taste and nutrition is preserved for the stages to come.

Corn ready for harvest on a Mexican farm

Quality Assurance and Classification

 Once gathered, our corn is subjected to rigorous quality parameters. Each cob is assessed for its hue, size, fullness, and any detectable imperfections. Those that resonate with our strict criteria are ushered forward. This commitment to excellence extends to our state-of-the-art laboratories, where we conduct thorough microbial tests, ensuring every kernel is safe for consumption.

processing corn cobs for freezing

Purification, Shelling, and Continued Evaluation

Each chosen cob is meticulously cleansed in purified water, ensuring all remnants of the field are washed away. After this, they are prepared for the subsequent phases. As an added layer of safety, we initiate advanced microbiological assessments, fortifying our products against any potential contaminants.

Swift Preservation

Our corn, bursting with the flavors of Mexico, is then subjected to swift preservation techniques. By rapidly securing the corn’s freshness, we guarantee every kernel’s nutrient profile remains intact. Unlike prolonged preservation methods, our quick technique promises the best in taste and nutrition.


Eco-friendly Packaging and Rigorous Scrutiny

Post-preservation, our corn is encased in sustainable, recyclable packaging designed to safeguard its pristine condition. Our commitment to excellence means that random samples consistently undergo further testing, ensuring absolute safety and quality.


Seamless Transport

Our vacuum-sealed, preserved corn cobs are gently placed in temperature-controlled carriers, ensuring every kernel remains as fresh as when it was picked. Our adept logistics teams seamlessly transport these gems to a variety of destinations, including renowned eateries, stores, institutional providers, and more, making our Mexican corn a staple across continents.

The Culmination: A Culinary Masterpiece

In the hallowed kitchens of restaurants, our corn finds its true calling. Seasoned chefs transform our meticulously cultivated cobs into gastronomic marvels, promising a taste that is a testament to nature’s splendor and human ingenuity. Whether served as a grilled delight or a sumptuous salad, our corn adds a golden touch to every dish.

Come, relish the magical odyssey of our corn – an expedition defined by passion, integrity, and an eternal promise of quality and safety.

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