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Quality produce from selected farms

We source quality product only from domestic and international farms that comply with the strictest US health, safety, and environmental standards

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Direct to you, from our supply chain partners

Why pay extra for a middle-man? We consolidate and package fruits and vegetables at our supply chain partners processing facilities and distribution centers throughout North America. This vertical integration enables us to offer you the freshest, highest quality frozen fruits and vegetables. When you choose us, you’re dealing directly with the source, and we pass those savings directly on to you, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Freshness sealed into the produce

Our rapid Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) process locks in the produce’s flavor and nutrition immediately after harvesting. This results in frozen fruits and vegetables that are as delicious and nutritious as they were the moment they were picked

Overcoming supply chain issues

Our vast network of distribution points in Chehalis, WA, Castroville, CA, Harlingen, TX, and Dallas, TX, ensure timely deliveries and alternative routes to avoid transport bottlenecks. We also have repack and blending facilities in McAllen, TX, and Castroville, CA, catering to your custom needs.

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A line of products your competitors can’t access

Our service offering goes beyond the standard supply of frozen fruits and vegetables. We provide a complete line of products crafted with cutting-edge innovation. Our offerings include seasoned items, roasted vegetables, specialized pizza ingredients, breaded vegetables and even canned foods. We remain committed to direct, transparent business practices, avoiding partnerships that don’t serve your best interests. With Food Service Systems, you gain a reliable partner that keeps quality, innovation, and value at the forefront of our operations.

News & Articles

New Report: Freezing Combats Food Waste

New Report: Freezing Combats Food Waste

Almost 40% of food wastedWith the shocking statistic that nearly 40% of all food in the United States goes uneaten, the issue of food waste is gaining paramount importance for conscientious consumers. Recent insights from two influential studies shed light on the...

From an American farm to a majestic meal

From an American farm to a majestic meal

Embark on an enchanting journey that traces the life of a radiant cob of corn from the sun-kissed fields of the US to the opulent settings of a modern restaurant. At Food Service Systems, every twist and turn of this odyssey signifies an unwavering dedication to...

Navigating the Storm: FSS’s strategy to bypass price rises

Navigating the Storm: FSS’s strategy to bypass price rises

In the recent wake of rising frozen fruit and vegetable prices, many are left questioning the stability of their food supply chain. These prices, which have surged at an alarming rate, have come as a shock to many, especially given that fresh fruit and vegetable costs...

Recipe Idea –  Pasta baked with broccoli and chicken

Recipe Idea – Pasta baked with broccoli and chicken

Nurturing and HarvestingDeliciously hearty, this baked pasta dish is enriched with the flavors of tender chicken and Garden Fresh frozen broccoli, with its freshly harvested taste and nutrients. Pair it with a simple salad, and you've got an easy to prepare,...

 The Journey of a delicious gourmet carrot

 The Journey of a delicious gourmet carrot

"Welcome to an extraordinary journey that takes a humble carrot from the rich, organic soil of our farms to the gleaming silver plates of a classy restaurant.At Food Service Systems, every stage of this journey is steeped in meticulous attention to detail, rigorous...

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